A perfect place for you to grab your daily morning coffee. You’ll also find your full dream breakfast, fresh baked goods, cold-pressed juices, and beautiful seasonal sandwiches built from whatever ingredients are fresh and available. Open every day between March and December.


Meet up with your friends, or make some new ones. Hermetikken is perfect for grabbing a coffee or a beer, people-watching, and connecting with other guests and locals. You’ll find brunch and dinner prepared by our kitchen, and from time to time live music, DJs, art, festivals and everything in between. Open from March until December.


Hand made pizza filled with delicious local produce and baked in our own wood fired brick oven outside the factory, facing the ocean. The recipe is more than 100 years old and originates from the south of Italy, through Uruguay and now perfected in the north of Norway. Open from April until October.


Our wine bar is hidden in the old cod liver oil room, or Trandamperiet if you will. The perfect place to discover the new tastes and smells of the factory. Open Tuesday to Saturday from mid June to mid August.