As a contrast to the beautiful light we get from the midnight sun in the summer, the darker periods give us the possibility to experience nature at it’s most mysterious – with a sky full of dancing green movements – The Northern Lights. These lights are by far one of the most spectacural attractions the Lofoten Islands has to offer and we provide a good base for you to experience them too.



The Lofoten Islands are perfectly located for viewing the Northern Lights, which makes Trevarefabrikken the perfect base for you if you are on the hunt for this experience. Here in Henningsvær we are located far enough north for them to be visible even when the ‘activity’ is very low. However, look for places with minimal light pollution. The darker your surroundings, the better your experience viewing the aurora will be. Even though Henningsvær is a town with many street lights during dark hours, you can still find several good viewing points within the village. Often when the activity is high you can see them clearly just by standing outside of the factory or up on the hill behind it, facing the Vestfjorden.

But if you are up for a little adventure, you can always take a drive to a nearby beach – or have a first row seat up on the mountains.


The season for spotting Northern Lights is very long in Lofoten, since the nights begin to get darker at the end of August and midnight sun does not return again until mid-May. That means that in Lofoten there is a high chance of experiencing this phenomenom all the way from September to the beginning of April. There are several mobile apps and websites you can use to check the likelihood of seeing the Aurora.

Just keep in mind that seeing them requires clear skies and just a bit of luck: the Northern Lights are visible on roughly 200 nights a year – so keep your gaze up on the clear starry nights.