The first ever Henningsvær Half Marathon was a day filled with smiling runners, cheering locals and sun all the way to Rørvika and back!

Thank you to everybody who participated and the volunteers who helped out to make the first HHM such a success.

And extra congratulations to the fast winners:


Clement Aubert (Fr) – 1:26:25


Veronique Messina (Fr) – 1:40:27

We hope to see many of you back for the Henningsvær Half Marathon in 2024!

More info will come soon

Trevarefabrikken is proud to announce the first ever half marathon street race being arranged in Henningsvær on Saturday the 12th of August 2023! The course will start and end at Trevarefabrikken, a former multi-purpose-factory turned into a cultural house and boutique hotel in the scenic fishing village of Henningsvær (505 inhabitants).

The run gives you spectacular views of turquoise waters and alpine mountains as you run along the “Henningsværveien” and also lets you see the picturesque village streets of Henningsvær. May be the most scenic runnings experience of 2023!

What’s included in the ticket?

→ Entry ticket and start number to the Henningsvær Half Marathon
→ Entry to the post-run sauna session at Trevarefabrikken (obs! limited space / drop-in)
→ Entry to the evening concert and after party at Trevarefabrikken

Entry fee: 450 NOK/person – until the 11th of August
Tickets to the race can be bought here.

Program Saturday 12th of August

10.00 – 13.00 Hand-out of start numbers and registration
14.00 – 17.00 Official Trevare Half
16.00 – 22.00 Food serving is open
16.00 – 19.00 Sauna open for runners*
17.00 – 18.00 Announcement of winners
21.00 – 22.00 Concert*
22.00 – 02.00 Dj & Aferparty*

*Free entry for runners participating in the half marathon.
If you wish to celebrate with the runners, but not race yourself, tickets to the concert and afterparty can be bought here.

Practical info

Distance: 21.0975 km
Race start: 14.00 pm
Date: Saturday the 12th of August 2023
Place: Trevarefabrikken, Dreyers gate 72, 8312 Henningsvær, Norway
Participants limitation: 100
Organizers: Trevarefabrikken

Start and finish: Henningsvær Half Marathon starts and finishes at Trevarefabrikken in Henningsvær, Dreyers gate 72, 8312 Henningsvær, Norway

Read more about how to get here

The Course

The start / finish line and the whole day program is located at Trevarefabrikken, a former carpentry and cod-liver-oil production factory in Henningsvær (dating back to 1948), now having been transformed into a cultural hub and boutique hotel – situated in the scenic fishing village of Henningsvær located in the Lofoten Archipelago 40 minutes from Svolvær in the municipality of Vågan in Northern Norway.

Covering the road known by the locals as “Henningsværveien”, the course starts at Trevarefabrikken and from there goes out to the main parking lot (by Bryggehotellet), back to the village piazza / town square, continues through the Main Street of Henningsvær, out to the Finnholmen Fishing Facility and turning point at Henningsvær Rorbuer before going back through town again, passing Trevarefabrikken and the Main Street of Henningsvær, along the Kaviarfactory art museum, crossing two bridges and then following the road (“Henningsværveien”) all the way to the main road (E10) by Rørvika Beach.

At Rørvika Beach the runners turn and head back to Henningsvær, cross the bridges one last time, pass Trevarefabrikken and head out to Finnholmen Fishing Facility for the finishing sprint before crossing the finish line at Trevarefabrikken.

The course covers the central areas of Henningsvær and is extremely scenic with turquoise waters and alpine mountains surrounding you on your run most of the way from Henningsvær to Rørvika Beach and back again. Be sure to look out for whales in the ocean, local climbers at Presten and eagles above your head;)

The course is not entirely flat and there are som elevations along the road, most of them when crossing the two bridges when exiting town and between the local mountain “Festvågtinden” and “Djupfjorden” “mountain pass”.

There will be hydration stations at the following locations:

  1. Djupfjorden “mountain pass”
  2. Rørvika Beach

Course map & traffic

Map for the course is available here
NB! This being a street race, there will be some traffic along the road when running.


Trevarefabrikken has 10 rooms on its 2nd and 3rd floor overlooking the mountains and the fishing village which can be booked here.

Reused bricks, old elevator shafts, concrete details, ash flooring, and large industrial windows letting natural light fill the space. The rooms are located on the second and third floor of Trevarefabrikken, overlooking the small arctic fishing village of Henningsvær.

Read about our rooms

Food & Drinks

From 15:00 pm, Trevarefabrikken’s pizzeria will be open for the public.

No table reservations are needed and you can of course come and eat regardless of participating in the race or not.


The sauna at Trevarefabrikken will be open for participants in the race between 16-19 on Saturday the 12th of August.

Nice to know

How is race start procedure?


The Trevare Half starts in a common start at 14:00. When the official start bell rings, everybody starts running and the timing is started. There will be split times at Rørvika beach turning point.

Time limit


The race course time limit is 3 hours net from 14:00, which means that every participant should be done by 17:00 the latest.

Participants who are unable to finish within 3 hours net, are made aware that course officials may begin re-opening roads to traffic, shutting down hydration stations and timing equipment, and clearing the finish area, etc. If you are unable to finish the race, do not cross the finish line.

If you need assistance to get to the finish area, report to a race official or to the medical staff at one of the hydration stations. No matter your pace and finishing time, we will do our very best to get all participants safely back to the finish area.

Are there different start groups? 


No, everybody starts in a common start at 14:00.

Will there be Pace Teams?


No, sadly not. Hopefully next year!

Hydration stations


There will be hydration stations at the following locations:

  • Festvåg
  • Djupfjorden
  • Rørvika Beach / turning point

What personal entry information is required?


When registering for the race, you must fill in the following:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • E-mail
  • Telephone
  • Postal code
  • Nationality
  • Name of running club or team

Your mobile phone number will only be used in case of unexpected or critical indicidents.

How do I collect my start number?


You must collect your start number along with your race packet at Trevarefabrikken, Dreyers gate 72, 8312 Henningsvær, on Saturday 12th of August between 10:00 and 13:00.

To collect your start number, you must present your confirmation email, which is emailed to you before the race.

The organizers take no responsibility in case of delays or any other circumstances that might prevent the participant to be at the race start in due time, whatever the reason may be.

Race timing


Race timing service is done manually with stopwatches at the start / finish at Trevarefabrikken + split times at Rørvika Beach / turning point.

Can everyone participate?


Every person who is in good health and able to complete the distance without assistance from others can participate.

Special Conditions or Equipment

Blind or otherwise physically impaired persons can participate on equal terms as other runners and are welcome to bring a guide, if one is needed. However, it is not allowed to have a bike guide on the course. The guide does not need to enter the race.

Special equipments, such as hand-bikes are allowed only by previous agreement with the organizers.

Running with baby joggers is not allowed.

Everyone participating with special equipment must show consideration and respect instructions from officials and the race management at all times.

Cancellation policy & Force Majeure


Once registration is submitted, it is legally binding, and refunds are not offered – no exceptions.

The organizer have the right to cancel the race in the event of force majeure, i.e. due to circumstances or conditions on or close to race day that makes it impossible to go through with the event. Acts of force majeure include, but are not limited to enforcement or prohibition notices issued by the authorities, violent weather, major accidents, emergency situations or other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the organizer. In case the organizer has already defrayed all or a major part of the costs and expenses related to the event, the entrant is not entitled to a refund of his/her entry fee or any other expenses related to the entrant’s participation in the event.

In the event of such extraordinary incidents or circumstances, the organizer will take all possible appropriate and timely measures to minimize the costs and losses associated with the cancellation. In case the event should yield a profit, entrants will be offered a partly refund of his/her entry fee.

Health, liability & errors



The entrant should be sufficiently fit and healthy to finish the race unaided. It is possible to enter any specific medical or health conditions on the back of the bib number for the convenience of the medical team.


By entering the race, the entrant accepts that participation is at one’s own risk and that the organizer, partners or sponsors cannot be held liable for injuries incurred or inflicted during the race. Please notice that you must be 18 years of age to participate in Henningsvær Half Marathon due to the long distance.

Accept of Terms and Conditions

When entering the event, you are asked to accept the above terms and condition. By accepting you fully agree to the terms including that participation is at your own risk, and that you accept the terms regarding postponement or cancelation of the event.

Possible Errors and Omissions

The organizers shall not be held liable for potential errors or omissions in regards to prices or event specifications both online and in printed material. All published information is subject to possible changes. 

Other questions


If you have any other questions on your mind, please contact us at

Buy Entry Ticket

Entry tickets to the Henningsvær Half Marathon can be bought here.