Here we go, 90s Party at the factory on november 19th!

Gather a group, create a clothing theme and dress up – We’ll take care of decorations, and DJ Dick Dennis delivers the music for our Trevaredisko!
If you wish you can combine the night with a lovely pre-party dinner in Hermetikken between 18.00 – 22.00, you can!
Reservations are made through here


18.00 – 22.00 – Julebord / Christmas Dinner
22.00 – 02.00 – 90s party with DJ Dick Dennis

Tod Louie/ Dick Dennis, the two alter egos of DJ, club promoter, label boss and a recording artist – Terje Dybdahl. He’s been a fixture on the Oslo DJ circuit as a resolute lynchpin for Det Gode Selskab collective and Oslo’s queer club scene.

Dick Dennis is Darth Vader to Tod Louie’s Luke Skywalker and loves to dwell on the darker fringes of the club floor. And where Tod Louie would never play an italo disco record, the flamboyant Dick Dennis doesn’t suffer taboos. He’s the naughty, bold city kid to Tod Louie’s inner farm boy and the progeny of his grandfather, who was a poet and a butcher. Born in an imaginary orgy at Paradise Garage, sired by Freddy Mercury, Grace Jones and Frankie Knuckles, Dick Dennis is a little dangerous, he prefers life on the edge, going full throttle with no brakes and no seatbelt, indulging guilty pleasures for queer motives.