Norwegian veteran Skatebård is a non-conformist. Throughout his impressive career, he has steadily carved out his own corner of dance music with a unique flair. Traversing a range of seemingly disparate genres and emotions comes incredibly naturally to the Norwegian artist, whose music oscillates between Italo disco and raw Detroit infused house and techno. With an enviably eclectic collection of the mastery to navigate it seamlessly, Skatebård’s DJ sets offer exploratory excursions through the unknown and unexpected.

From festival mainstages to intimate club nights, Skatebård has captivated audiences across the globe, performing at many of electronic music’s most revered institutions. The dynamic scope of his artistry extends to his work in the studio. Spanning over a decade, his impressive discography is dispersed across labels including his own Digitalo Enterprises, Sex Tags Mania, Bordello A Parigi, Luna Flicks, and Radius Records among  others. With a knack for balancing kitsch with elegance, Skatebård creates music that exudes an air of nonchalant fun.