The double feature of the year is happening on the 23rd of july as two of the country’s most promising electronic acts join forces at Trevarefabrikken.

Niilas with his relatively long and well recognized career, and a norwegian Grammy award under his arm, is as ready as ever to bring us into his cosmic universe, supported by Han Gaiden, a new and exciting project based around three awesome women from Oslo. Come join us in our third floor – Kunsthall!

Niilas is the moniker of Peder Niilas Tårnesvik, electronica producer from Bergen, Norway. He makes bass-oriented beats with melancholic undertones and a soft spot for glittery details and blending of genres. In few years, he has established himself as one of Norway’s most interesting electronica producers with his innovative and detailed soundscapes. He moves elegantly between genres and is a true ninja behind the DJ booth. With his debut album «Also This Will Change», he invites the listener to a 50min long journey into his musical, eclectic, emotional universe. 2021 was an exciting year for Niilas, being the worlds first to release a track with audio from Mars, a norwegian grammy win, and release of his B-side “Also This Has Changed”.

Han Gaiden – consisting of Kristin Myhrvold, Ingrid Skåland Lia and Ragnhild Moan – has gradually become known as one of the hippest names in Oslo’s electronic underground world. With playful vocal harmonies, open parts with improvisation, danceable beats andmelodic and dreamy saxophone, they have created a completely distinctive sound. hangaiden writes innovative music and vulnerable lyrics about being a young person. In thespring of 2022, their long-awaited debut album “you called me your erika” will be released on Mutual Intentions.