What’s the connection between a rave in LA, the radio channel dublab and Henningsvær?
This year, Rachel Day (US) and Lasse Lokøy (NO) will come to Trevarefabrikken to play their favorite tunes on the bar’s speakers 21-23 July.
Day and Lokøy have two very different musical backgrounds. The former works as Program Director for the independent radio channel dublab, and the latter is an artist, producer and songwriter who has worked with artists such as Uffie, Nils Bech and girl in red. The duo formed their friendship after they met on a dance floor in downtown LA. Now they are looking forward to creating a pleasant atmosphere (read: lively) at Trevarefabrikken.
The DJ set on Saturday will be broadcasted live on Dublab from Henningsvær. We hope to see you there!