Fans of slightly psychedelic, 70s influenced Indie pop – be ware!

Kongle is back at Trevarefabrikken, to celebrate both the arrival of the late sun and the long long long coming of fresh new music! Yes! Konge is finally releasing new music.

Kongle, from Bergen, released their debut album ‘Skogen’ in april 2019. The album was well received by many and got nominated to “Spellemannsprisen” – The norwegian grammy as the best norwegian Indie/alternative-album of the year. Now the four Bergensers the make Kongle, are having another go at it after years of song writing and recording. First single is due in may and Kongle cant wait to show off what they’ve been working on.

Concert starts at 21.00
CC: 250,-

This is a standing crowd concert, but we will have tables available for guests wanting to have dinner before the show.

Table reservations are made > here

Tickets via Tikkio