Det er sommer i Henningsvær, en glad skare av mennesker samles i Lofoten og helgen før Trevarefest ønsker vi alle velkommen til en strålende helhusfest på Trevarefabrikken!

“Fest på hele fabrikken” er en sommerlig, gledens markering med mat, musikk, dans og topp stemning ved to forskjellige anledninger i juli måned. Hermetikken i første etasje, Vinbaren i Trandamperiet, Trevare Kunsthall i tredje etasje – kom å opplev hele fabrikken på én og samme kveld!

Andre arrangement går av stabelen 29. juli. La Comitiva spiller sin første konsert i Norge og Prins Thomas tar turen fra Oslo for et sjeldent DJ-sett under midnattsolen i Lofoten.

Billetter tilgjengelig via Tikkio nå!

Trevarefabrikken er åpen hele dagen.

Kafeen fra 09.00 til 17.00
Hermetikken fra 14.00 til 02.00
Vinbaren fra 18.00 til 01.00
Trevare Kunsthall TBA

Konsert – utendørs hvis godt vær (Tider TBA)
Klubb i Hermetikken fra 22.00 til 02.00

CC: 250,- (konsert og klubb)
CC: 150,- (klubb)

Its summer time in Henningsvær, happy crowds are gathering in Lofoten and we want to bring all together for a smashing full house party at Trevarefabrikken.

“Fest på hele fabrikken” is a joyous celebration of summer with food, music, dance and good vibes, on two different occasions this summer. Hermetikken on the first floor, The winebar in Trandamperiet, Trevare Kunsthall on the third floor – come experience the whole factory, all at once in one day!

This second grand event is happening on july 29th, with La Comitiva live in concert for the first time in Norway, and DJ legend Prins Thomas, travelling to Lofoten for a rare appearance below the midnight sun!

Tickets available through Tikkio. It’s gonna be bouncy!

Trevarefabrikken is open throughout the whole day.

The Café from 09.00 till 17.00
Hermetikken from 14.00 till 02.00
The Wine bar from 18.00 till 01.00
Trevare Kunsthall TBA

Live concert – outdoors if good weather (Times TBA)
Club in Hermetikken from 22.00 – 02.00

CC: 250,- (concert and club)
CC: 150,- (club only)


La Comitiva

The Kings of Convenience-, Whitest Boy Alive frontman Erlend Øye has a long list of musical chapters to his career, with the Sicily based project La Comitiva being one of the newer additions. Taking it on tour this summer, the Italian gang of heartful musicians is traveling north, to Lofoten and Trevarefabrikken, for their first ever show in Norway!

Since 2012, Erlend Øye lives in Sicily, where he concentrates his musical output in his new project ‘La Comitiva’. Together with three local musicians, Øye works with the acoustic sound of Kings Of Convenience, which he complements with local traditional sounds and South American influences. Erlend Øye & La Comitiva release songs sporadically, often for movie soundtracks or special projects. Supported by bossa rhythms and ukulele tunes, Øye’s instantly recognizable voice and flair take on a southern charm that suits him perfectly. Can not be missed!

Listen up on their music here >

DJ Prins Thomas

Full Pupp founder Prins Thomas is coming to Lofoten for an exclusive DJ-gig, and his first appearance below the midnight sun, beyond the arctic circle, in a long time! Often compared, and closely linked to his colleagues within ‘Oslo Disco’ – such as Todd Terje, Lindström, Rune Lindbæk, Strangefruit, Diskjokke ++, the DJ, producer and label owner, better known as Prins Thomas, has occupied a regal role in Norwegian house and disco scenes for almoust 20 years. Thanks to his influential productions, and the Full Pupp label, which has been emitting highly original, synth-saturated leftfield electronics and astral rhythms for over 16 years, he is reckoned a music connoisseur with unparalleled skills in the booth. We’re looking forward to a long lovely cosmic night at the factory ❤️

The brilliant Full Pupp 10 years-playlist is found here >