Welcome to our spring clothes swap!

It’s not always so fun to open the winter wardrobe when Spring arrives, so we invite you to a clothes swap at Trevarefabrikken:

From 12:00 – 16:00 in Hermetikken at Trevarefabrikken.
From 11:00 you can bring up to 10 garments you love but no longer use.

Then you get up to 10 vouchers that you can exchange into one garment each, garments that you love and will enjoy in the future. If there are clothes left afterwards, they will be donated to a non-profit organization. In addition, if you would like to sell your clothes or something homemade/handmade – there will also be some tables reserved for this.

To book a table, please send an e-mail to ida@trevarefabrikken.no

The café is open from 11.00 to 17.00.