This weekend our usual Sunday slow flow yoga class will be accompanied by an ambient live DJ-set from Tuomas Toivonen.

The class can be booked through:
CC: 200,-
PS: Make sure to check out our Saturday program with Tuomas as well, including a Sauna & Sound live performance in the daytime and an experimental listening based experience in Hermetikken during the evening.

About the artist:

Tuomas Toivonen is an architect, musician and keeper of Kulttuurisauna, a public sauna bath house in Merihaka, Helsinki. His sonic works range from long duration installation to performances and record releases. He works with analog synthesis and electroacoustic techniques, field recordings, self-built instruments and the human voice. Performances combine live analog electronics, custom sound systems and spoken or sung texts to create an impact of physical sound but paired with a literary dimension. Spatial sound experiences, lecture-or lamentation like narratives, meditative focus, and well digested references and gestures are all organised to serve a clear, considered purpose.

One of Tuomas’ sound projects is the on-going, continuously developing sonic ambience of the Kulttuurisauna building. Since 2013, the building has been used as an instrument and site for artistic spatial-sonic research. The sound is constantly changing, generated by varying electronic devices, but some iterations have been playing for over 12 months without a pause. Independently programmed and amplified sound sources are scattered around the building, tuned to complement the frequencies of the building’s ventilation fans and mechanical motors. As this soundsystem is installed in auxilliary spaces not accessible to bathers, the sound is heard muffled and muted as it is heard through a wall. This shifting field of tuned vibrations is sometimes perceived as music, and sometimes not. With these same priinciples, Tuomas will create a parallel soundscape for Trevarefabrikken’s sauna, so during the weekend, the two buildings will resonate together.

“For me, sound represents a powerful, malleble medium that can completely transform our experience, our thoughts. As an artist I feel light and free, ready to take risks – and I enjoy how sound, text, voice and performance can be such immediate, effective and engaging means of expression, especially in comparison to the slow, heavy and clumsy inertia that comes with working with physical objects, buildings and cities.”