During the spring of 2022, 21 year old, danish citizen, Anna Søby Poulsen, was detained and charged with international drug trafficking in Panama. This was due to the transportation of a bag of coca leaves, bought in a regular shop in Peru for 5 kr, which ended up costing her and her family almost 2 million kroner.

She was charged with a sentence spanning from 10-15 years in prison, but in the end spent 3 months (and got a 4 year sentence for international drug trafficking) in a female prison in Panama together with 1000 other inmates.

Back in Europe and Denmark, Anna is now telling her story with the hopes that her experience can help ensure safer travel guidelines around the world for all young backpackers, so nobody has to go through what she did.

When: Monday 8th of July
Time: 19:00-20:30
Location: Trandamperiet 2nd floor, entrance from the seaside
CC: Free