Pintxos Pop-Up w/Alexander Johansen

Our dear friend and pizzaiolo, Aleksander Johansen, is making an appearance in the wine bar this week for an occasional grill session out of the ordinary!

On both Thursday and Friday Aleksander will barbecue local greens, seaweed, meat and other delicatesses, which should pair perfect with both cocktails and wine. Every bite will be a celebration of Lofoten’s unique produce from both land and sea in season. Aleksander is originally from Vestvågøy in Lofoten, but has lived most of his adult life in Oslo. Here he has been the lead singer in the (now revived) punkband Psyence Fiction, but is mostly known as a chef and the founder behind two of Norway best pizzerias, Jungel Pizza and ZZ pizza.

Day: Thursday 11th of July / 12th of July
Time: 19:00 until sold out
Where: Wine Bar in Trandamperiet 2nd floor
Reservations: No
Drop-in: Yes