Our good friend, and local pop-poet Sigurd Lamark returns to the factory on the late summer, right after Trevarefest, for a cozy concert in Steinbruddet. He brings his band, his fresh new album and hopefully the late summer sun for a feel-good Trevare-experience outdoors.

When: 20.00
Where: Steinbruddet
CC: 0,-

Lamark is back with his modern pop-poetry as he released his third album «Tre leiligheta seinere» in april. This summer he will take his new vibes out on the road, including a visit through his homely hood in northern Norway. Lamark live offers a lovely mix of vintage sounding, yet groovy rythms in an light mellow atmosphere with analog synthesizers, harmonic guitar riffing and ofc – Lamarks teasing poetry on top. Not too descretely, Lamarks music gives a good nodding towards genre colleagues Håkan Hellström and Devendra Banhart – A mix gently created for music lovers. Come enjoy!

Check out Lamark here > https://spoti.fi/3PiTzFa