Another concert with drag artist Frida Marida! A grand reprise of last years show! The event consists of song performances as well as stories + confessions from Frida Marida’s life. The confessions will be serious, emotional, real, genuine and not least – fun!
We hope you will join, welcome!

She was sentenced to jail due to her sexuality in the Middle East and went to Norway. Now she’s freer than ever before.
For the confession night, Frida Marida also invites you to share your own secrets. Art, music, joy and honesty go all together. The more you open up – the more you thrive!

Hani, the person behind Frida Marida, is a Lebanese guy who moved to Norway in 2017. He had a hard time understanding the social protocol and behavior of Norwegian people. There were too many incidents where he felt awkward. After a while he realized that he should just be himself. He had spent his whole life lying about his sexuality and drag persona, but he didn’t want to do that anymore. He decided to be the most honest version of himself, and try to influence other people to do the same. He might not be able to change a society, but he can change how people perceive him. What you see is what you get!

The introduction of oriental rhythms into famous international songs is the main esthetic direction of her art, while dealing with discrimination, racism and other social issues. His drag persona is the superhero who saved him. Do you wanna know how? Join the event to get the answers.