Det er sommer i Henningsvær, en glad skare av mennesker samles i Lofoten og vi ønsker alle velkommen til en strålende helhusfest på Trevarefabrikken!

[information in english further below]

“Fest på hele fabrikken” er en sommerlig, gledens markering med mat, musikk, dans og topp stemning rett før Trevarefest går av stabelen i slutten av juli! Hermetikken i første etasje, Vinbaren i Trandamperiet, Trevare Kunsthall i tredje etasje – kom å opplev hele fabrikken på én og samme dag. Velkommen til en grandios happening den 27. juli!


Billetter tilgjengelig via Tikkio.

Trevarefabrikken er åpen hele dagen.

Live-jam i Steinbruddet fra kl 17.00
Konsert i Hermetikken (1. etasje) fra kl 21.00 – 22.00
Konsert i Trevare Kunsthall fra 22.00 til 23.00 (dører 21.00)
Klubb i Hermetikken fra 23.00 til 02.30

CC: 200,- (Inngang til hele festen)



Its summer time in Henningsvær, happy crowds are gathering in Lofoten and we want to bring all together for a smashing full house party with Ora The Molecule, Lofoten Surf & Feskarlag + DJ Nora Pagu at Trevarefabrikken.


“Fest på hele fabrikken” is a joyous celebration of summer with food, music, dance and good vibes, on the peak of summer – the weekend before Trevarefest kicks of! Hermetikken on the first floor, The Trandamperiet wine bar, Trevare Kunsthall on the third floor – come experience the whole factory, all at once the same day!

Welcome to a grand full house party on July 27th! It’s gonna be bouncy!


Tickets available through Tikkio.

Program during the evening:
Live jam in the backyard from 17.00
Live concert with Lofoten Surf & Feskarlag in Hermetikken (1st floor) from 21.00 – 22.00
Live concert with Ora the Molecule in Trevare Kunsthall from 22.00 – 23.00 (doors 21.00)
Club with DJ Nora Pagu in Hermetikken from 22.00 – 02.00

CC: 200,- (all access ticket)


Ora The Molecule is the musical moniker of Norwegian-born avant-pop artist Nora Schjelderup. In her very own way she combines tasteful pop-melodies with cosmic dance music. Her music appeals to both indie pop lovers and club enthusiasts alike, leaving all longing for more after their first taste. Her performance at last year’s Trevarefest was breathtaking, leaving no doubt that she had to return to our dancefloor this summer! It’s happening on July 27th, make sure to be there for it!

Lofoten’s very own, never resting surf rockers are back to serve you twangy delights in sun! They play 60s surf rock as performed by legends such as Dick Dale, The Ventures, The Challengers and The Beach Boys. Perhaps you haven’t yet realized it, but you love this music. Come and see for yourself! The band will play live both outdoors and indoors on this day, being your musical pleasure guides throughout the day before the clubbing starts in the late evening.

Nora Pagu is one of our favourite DJs. She smashed our dance floor last year and is ready to do it again on July 27th! Nora is based in Oslo, playing regularly at venues such as Becco, Blå and Trekanten. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant British club scene, her performances are a soulful journey through rhythmic and energetic genres like UK Garage, Afro, House, Hip-hop, Funk, and Grime.