Leaves are falling to the ground, the weather is changing and the northern lights are finally back.

It most definitely feels like autumn and the instant urge to nurture your own well being inside with friends comes creeping. What better way to greet the coming season than with some friends and some wines in your local living room while the wind is howling outside and the waves come crashing on the windows of the factory?

On Friday the 27th of October, our sommelier and wine nerd Martin Hjelle will open and serve both classic and more unconventional wines by the glass in Hermetikken – to hopefully widen the happy gospel of fermented grape juice to the people. Maybe you’ll find yourself a new favorite?

There will be a vast selection of different wines for sale by the glass (BTG) in all the different color categories; white, rosé, orange, red and sparkling, but also possible to get a so-called “flight” of 3 or 5 different wines by the glass – as a small tasting.

Come and taste (and maybe even learn) something new or just escape a bit from the grizzly fall weather together with us in Hermetikken this October evening!

No booking, no fuzz – just good wines, autumn vibes and soft vinyls from the speakers accompanied by an ocean view towards the Vestfjord and the Lofoten mountains.

Where: Hermetikken 1st floor
When: 27th of October
What: Wines by the glass / flights of 3 or 5 glasses spread across different categories
Time: 18:00-> 22:00
Pre-bookings: No
Drop-in: Yes