The beginning of an adventure

In the summer of 2014 a group of friends went on a climbing trip to Lofoten. One of the last days on our journey we decided to visit the fishing village Henningsvær. We had heard a lot about this warm community known for its handcraft shops, climbing spots and scenic nature. After some hours in Henningsvær we quickly got friends with a local guy called Sondre Justad, he was a musician singing at the local pub that night. The next day he took us on a hike to a nearby mountain called Festvågtinden. We climbed the mountain in the middle of the night and were completely blown away by the beauty of this place. While standing on the top of the mountain he pointed down towards Henningsvær and told us about a old factory that was for sale. We immediately got exited about the thought of doing something special with this huge 2000 square meter factory. We slept on top of Festvågtinden that night, and the morning after we ran down the mountain to have a look. Wemeet the owner and we were very exitied looking at the old machines and stories about cod liver oil production. Soon our ferry went back home to the mainland. A couple of days later we had collected all our savings and bought the old factory. A life adventure had started. Without any further plans we gathered our friends and started the huge process of getting the factory back to life again. Today we have opened a bar, restaurant, café, sauna, music venue and some apartments for accommodation. We also host a range of concerts, festivals and have close relationship to the local community. Welcome to our world at TREVAREFABRIKKEN.


A community is born


Lets build a bar from driftwood


Building a culture house


A festival is born


Our first rooms are ready


Bulding a Sauna