Goat cheese and tomato salad  – 190,-

with Lofoten gårdsysteri cheese, rustic tomatoes, fennel, spelt, balsamic and croutons

Contains: wheat, mustard, sulphites
Inneholder: hvete, sennep, sulfitt 


Fish and chips – 235,-

with Lofoten cod, mashed peas, victory onion and bottarga mayonnaise

Contains: wheat, egg, sulphites, milk
Inneholder: hvete, egg, sulfitt, melk


Vegan burger – 170,-

with beyond burger patty, potato burger bun, Trevare sauce, salad, onion and pickles

Contains: wheat, sulphites
Inneholder: hvete, sulfitt


Burger – 200,-

with beef, cheese, brioche bun, Trevare sauce, pickles, salad and onion

Contains: wheat, mustard, milk, sulphites
Inneholder: hvete, sennep, melk, sulfitt


Fries with mayonnaise – 65,-



Gluten free options available


Opening hours – Dinner

Fri – Sat

18.00 – 22.00