After having published books, making wine with his friends at NonDos and Castell D’Age (Catalunya), Norwegian artist and multitalent, Sondre Lerche, was still hungry for more. But what should a multitalented artist do? Working on his critically acclaimed album «Avatars of Love» last year, it suddenly hit him: make art of course!

Hence, he teamed up with now nationally renowned contemporary artist, Nikolai Torgersen aka «Emogutt», and together they started working on a series of drawings, paintings and posters in relation to his album «Avatars Of Love». Both the album and the exhibition received national praise through ecstatic reviews and ratings, and ever since the concerts and art pieces have been sold out throughout Norway.

In the aftermath, post-covid and with open borders, Sondre has again returned to the life of touring and has spread his love throughout both the US and is now on a Norwegian tour this summer.

With the song «Avatars of Love» being written and the first samples also recorded at Trevarefabrikken during some winter days in March of 2021, it was only natural for Sondre to do a Pop-up-exhibition exclusively at Trevarefabrikken in Henningsvær this summer.

Two of the audio-visual boxes from the original»Avatars of Love»-exhibition have for the summer been moved to Trevarefabrikken and will be open for the public for free during the month of July. Inside them the viewer will meet both the works of Nikolai Torgersen and audio and video from Sondre Lerche in a «emotionally touching and transcendent way».

The 40 works that Nikolai Torgersen made for the exhibition in Bergen where immediately sold and the profit donated to organizations working to help struggling youth that Nikolai relates to: Barn Av Rusmisbrukere, Kirkens bymisjon, samt Flyktninghjelpens arbeid i Ukraina.

Welcome you all to an artsy summer at the factory!

P.S. Sondre Lerche will return in person for Trevarefest 2022

When: 15th of July – 31st of July 12.00 – 20.00
Where: Trevare Kunsthall (3rd floor)
CC: 0,-